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 Mixing Mysticism and Spirituality with an acute knowledge of aromatherapy, Het-Heru's Chamber line holds a sacred space in the realm of scentilizing offerings that include essential oils, and body & hair products rooted in the culture of ancient Egypt.


"I was shopping in Barnes and Noble last weekend when a woman asked me for my opinion on a greeting card. After she walked away from me, I felt intoxicated towards her...I am pretty sensitive and open spiritually, so sometimes I pick up others energies, but this was different...She asked me another question looking for my advice. I stood by her and began feeling love. I had to ask her what scent she was wearing.  It fit her so well and she was a beautiful person exuding light and love and beauty and the scent was a part of it.  She told me to google 'Sacred Love Oil'.

I only hope that it creates even the same bit of beauty and love on me as I experienced on her".

Thank You! 

- Carrie B


About Us



Using the power of the olfactory nerve (sense of smell) and the power of the word, our Sacred Products offer and safe and easy way to work with the Spiritual Centers known as the Chakras. 

Many of our unique scents are rooted in Musk smells. They often help to remind those who use them of special memories.

We also offer and line of all Body Butters, Body Oils, Hand and Body Lotions, Sacred Soaps, and Hair Products for Natural Hair.



The knowledge of the Chakras has been known of and taught for  thousands of years beginning with the early Egyptians who used their intuitive gifts to uncover 'doorways' to the spiritual realm which they named the Aritu.  Nefer Atum Sacred Oils place emphasis on balancing the Chakras. These Sacred Oils use the power of the olfactory nerve (sense of smell connected to memory) plus affirmation to create a safe and effective way to help achieve this goal. 



Named after the aspect of creation which reflects love, music, beauty and dance in the Khamitic teachings, Het-Heru Maatkeru has been guiding her patrons to deep dimensions of inner sanctity via the olfactory nerve since 2004.  Also a Master Khamitic Yoga Teacher, and Spiritual Intuitive she has combined her knowledge of Yoga, the teachings of ancient Egypt and her intuitive gifts to channel the products in Het-Heru's Chamber to connect you to the Sacred Self. 



7 Sacred Oils channeled to balance your Chakra System through the power of the olfactory nerve

These 7 NEFER ATUM SACRED OILS are designed to balance your Chakras through the power of the olfactory nerve (sense of smell) and the use of Sacred Affirmations. 

The next step is the 28 Day Chakra Balancing Program. 

"When I happened upon Het-Heru's Sacred Love Oil.,  I fell in love with it. From there it's been a polygamist's dream, one exotic mixture after another. I fell in love with them all. Nowadays I apply the whole Chakra line daily along with their affirmations and revel in the attention from strangers who declare; 'You smell so good!  What a great way to help keep life in balance". -Avery B



This popular program includes 7 Nefer Atum Sacred Oils, 7 Sacred Affirmations with a Hunter green velour pouch, Chakra Chart, and an Instruction Booklet written by Het-Heru that guides you through each day of the 28 Day Chakra Program. 



Our Sacred Soaps are made with all vegetable glycerin and scented with our  Sacred Oils. We use no lye, dye or animal products in our products. Our soaps do not dry out skin and help to maintain the scent of the Sacred Oils when used.

I bought a small bar of your 7th Chakra Neter soap with Jasmine, Lotus & Ylang Ylang. OMG, it's the best thing I've ever smelled! Tonight when I set the Soap on my bathroom counter, it was like God and all the Angels were congregating at my sink!!" 

 -Knoel Babin RNc, BSn



Guided by her Spiritual Guides whom she calls the Ancestors, Het-Heru has channeled IMANI, which means Faith in Swahili a beautiful 

addition to the Het-Heru's Chamber Sacred Oil collection. It is designed to connect the wearer to the Sacred Courageous Self. This unique scent is an empowering combination of Lavender, Egyptian Musk, & Nag Champa essential oils. IMANI bequeaths the wearer to live by  faith and not by sight.

"My favorite product in Het-Heru's Chamber is IMANI. The scent is divine and I immediately feel connected to spirit when I put it on. It has an amazing soft, fresh scent and just a little drop goes a long way -Nancy H                                                                            



Enjoy our line of all natural Sacred Soaps, Body Butters with Shea Butter, Body Oils and Hair Products that help to restore moisture to the skin and hair. We've scented them with our very popular Gye' Nyame which is a combination of all of our Sacred Oils. 

"Greetings Het Heru; Thank you so much for bringing these divine products to market. I am positively euphoric over my Gye' Nyame Hair Butter, Gye' Nyame Body Oil and Prosperity Oil. The high quality of each, the heady scent and silky textures are enveloping my body in the softest cloud. I am acutely conscious of loving myself when I use creations from Het Heru’s Chamber."    -Leah Young





Our Prosperity Oil helps to remind us of of our Sacred Prosperous Self; and includes Frankincense, Myrrh, Bergamot and Citrus essential oils, plus 23kt gold. 

"I knew the first time when I met Het- Heru that she was a really special lady-and then I tried the Prosperity Oil. Not only do I love the scent, but I constantly get compliments from other people wanting to know what it is and where to get it. And, every time I wear it my business has increased! It has become my favorite of all the scents I have ever worn. I want to thank Het- Heru for this fabulous product". 

Here's to everyone's prosperity!" - Sheryl T


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