Sacred Oils for the Sacred You

Improve your physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual well-being

Balance Your Chakras with NEFER ATUM SACRED OILS

For more than 15 years, Het-Heru's Chamber in Las Vegas, Nevada has been combining the mysticism and spirituality of ancient Egypt and India along with our acute knowledge of aromatherapy to create a line of wellness products. We provide customers around the world with essential oil blends as well as body and hair products reminiscent of ancient Egypt.

Our Mission

is to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind, and Spirit.

What We Offer

Our Nefer Atum Sacred Oils utilize the power of the olfactory nerve as well as affirmations to provide you with a safe and easy way to balance the spiritual centers known as the chakras. We use unique, often musky scents in our products which have proven helpful in reminding people of special memories. Het-Heru's Chamber also offers the following:

  • Body Butters
  • Body Oils
  • Hand and Body Lotions
  • Sacred Soaps
  • Hair Products for Natural Hair

The Chakras

For thousands of years, the knowledge of the chakras has been known and taught by the early Egyptians and later by yogis of India They used their highly intuitive gifts to uncover doorways to the spiritual realm, which they named Aritu.


About Het-Heru

Het-Heru Maatkeru is named after the aspect of creation that reflects love, music, beauty, and dance in the Khamitic teachings. Since 2004, she has been guiding her patrons to deep dimensions of inner sanctity through their sense of smell.

Additionally, Het-Heru is a master Khamitic yoga teacher and spiritual intuitive. She channels her knowledge of yoga, the teachings of ancient Egypt, and her intuitive gifts into our products to help you connect to your sacred self.

Het-Heru is available for intuitive readings. Please contact her for more information at [email protected]



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