Q&A About Our Products



Q). How do I use the Sacred Oils? 

A). Simply dab a small amount of the Sacred Oil on the pulse points at your wrists,      inside your elbows,  behind your ears and inside the neck. Inhale the scent at your    wrist and as you exhale, speak the Sacred Affirmation assigned to the Sacred Oil. 

Q). How do these products work? 

A). Just as the smell of cookies baking can transport you to the memory of Grandma's  kitchen, our scents are designed to transport you to the memory of the Sacred Self. 

Q). Are your products handmade?

A). Yes.


Q). Are your products organic? 

A). Our oils come from reputable vendors in Egypt and India. It is our understanding that they are organic. 

Q). Why are your Sacred Oils different than other oils  that I've experienced?.

A). Nefer Atum Sacred Oils were channeled to Het-Heru from her spiritual guides to help balance the Chakras. We believe that they are different because of their sacred intention.

Q). Can I mix these Sacred Oils with other oils or perfumes? 

A). We don't advise it. This will take away from the effectiveness of the Sacred Oils